No More Bad Breath, Bacteria And Plaque In The Mouth With Just 1 Item

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Oil pulling is a famous Ayurveda method for rejuvenation and detoxing. This is simple and gives amazing results. It is mystical, many heard of this and not many tried it. What is this exactly? What it does?

To do oil pulling, get some oil and swish it in the mouth. The oil must be unrefined and use it as mouthwash. Coconut oil is the best here. This is done for 20 min total. This process removes bacteria, parasites, toxins and cleans the lymph too, also removes congestion, mucus of the throat and sinuses too.

With the saliva’s help all these toxins bind to the oil and are removed. Also this method re-mineralizes the teeth and makes gums stronger while it cleans the mouth. This is amazing, but how it is done?

In tradition, virgin olive oil is used. But coconut might be better since it kills microbes, inflammation and is enzymatic. This further removes more bacteria and leaves good probiotics.

Just scoop ½ or 1 tbsp in the mouth and if the oil is cold, let it melt first. Then swirl and pull between the teeth, gums and let it touch every part of the mouth. Never let this touch the throat since you might swallow by accident. No gargling of course.

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